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ToLiss Updates A340-600 For XP12


The A340-600 v1.1.2 now has all the XP12 files. Be ready for the XP12 early access release, go get your update right now via skunkcraft!

Changes From v1.1.2

Minor new features:

  • ECAM action processing reworked to include overflow management and correct order of clearing items
  • Added Weight & Balance page to EFB (besides Avitab)
  • Added Radio Navigation and transponder failures, including associated ECAM caution messages and PFD/ND flags

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected the bulk cargo door animation
  • Improvement of the engine_running flag for better interfacing with 3rd party addons.
  • Syncing of the N2 value from our custom engine model for better interfacing with 3rd party addons.
  • Improved SID/STAR scrolling on departure and arrival MCDU pages


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