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ToLiss Announces A319/A321 Updates


Good day to all! Good news, a new update is coming soon. The updatewill be available towards the end of the month. Here's what we areworking on for you:

  • Sound system fully transitioned to FMOD sounds including new sounds, e.g. brake fan sounds. Also: With doors open you will hear external sounds inside the cockpit also.
  • Joystick command support for TCA sidestick and thrust levers
  • Addition of the Bottom of Descent and Descent profile intercept indicators
  • Added Stay-out zone for IAE engine on ground
  • In XP11.50 TCAS now supports up to 63 other aircraft
  • Added parallel approach capability to TCAS: not issuing alerts when flying parallel approaches, e.g. in KSFO.
  • The usual reported bug fixes...

Airbus A321 by ToLiss
ToLiss A319 Update v1.3.3 Released

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