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Taburet - Night XP V2 New York State for X-Plane 11


NightXP V2, first package for X-Plane, introduces coverage for the wholeof New York. What exactly does NightXP do to enhance X-Plane lights system?NightXP V2 introduces new lamps into the existing ecosystem and is designedto work together with default lights. Can be used with Vulkan or in OpenGLmode. It is designed to create those little details the night brings with itsdarkness in the nocturnal X-Plane world.

The lamps are strategically positioned to illuminate buildings withemissive 3D light reflection taking advanced of new X-Plane reflectivesurfaces. They are designed to be just a little bit bigger than defaultlights to enhance their visibility and light.



NightXP is not invasive scenery, it is designed to avoid lightovercrowding. NightXP targets urban areas where there are buildings, lit upbuildings and roads only in residential areas for the whole country or USstate they cover. For example, it will not add light on motorways or majorroads as X-Plane is already covered. Instead, it will light up theresidential roads, buildings, courtyards, alleyways, piers and depots tomention a few.

Night3D is designed to make the most of X-Plane’s new materials featuringlight reflections on the ground, water, ice, windows, roofs and any nativeX-Plane material designed to reflect light. Night3D works hard at night andrests in the day when the lamps are still visible but in 'Off' mode. Night3Dis strategically positioned to resemble lampposts; we chose a shape and sizeto make sure it is visible for aircraft when flying over at night.

X-Plane 11 offers stunning and extensive night effects. NightXP is fullycompatible with photorealistic scenery and any VFR objects scenery as lampsare positioned respecting geographical features.

Coverage: Complete New York state.



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