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Taburet - AXP California for X-Plane 11


The second generation of Autogen for X-Plane packages. The newgeneration goes much further into adding a more detailed coverage forbuildings and woodlands into the scene. California is the first release ofAXP second generation, and is a blend of multiple data to achieve completebuilding coverage for the State of California. Not less than approximately11 millions buildings are injected into this autogen package to achieve 99%coverage placing buildings on the right position. It can work on its own;any mesh; any photorealistic scenery; any airport add-on; any cityscapescenery. AXP can be customised as for example texture editing. Forestscoverage is provided by USGS Woodland data, ensuring no trees are poppingup at random positions, but only where woodland exists in real world.

Coverage: California. In video AXP California over ortho4xp createdphoto realistic textures built from NAIP orthos.

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