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Stairport Sceneries Announces SAM GroundService


It has been quiet in the past weeks - for a good reason: We'reworking on a new SAM extension: SAM GroundService.

All core functionalities are implemented as well as the first setof vehicles. Now it's about to create more variety by adding moreregional vehicle sets with the help of our partner ShortFinal Designand configuring all aircraft (a ton of work).


There is no official feature list yet but here is what you can expect:

  • Custom animated ground service vehicles
  • Can be used at all airports
  • Is compatible with any SAM-driven jetway including WorldJetways
  • Vehicles have extended driving logic including collision protection, backup driving and cart trains
  • Vehicles will control aircraft doors if the aircraft allows it
  • Loading and unloading process will be handled automatically
  • Proper UI to set up all loading services (time depends on amount of load)
  • Simbrief weights can be imported
  • Loading affects aircraft weight in real time (instant loading available as well)

p>Some screen shots of our art assets docked to the new ThresholdLevelUP 737-700NG. No release date yet but we'll let you know once weenter beta.




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