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SSG Updates E-Jets Evolution Series For X-Plane


Hi, there is available a new update to the SSG EJET EvolutionSeries. Version 1.6.4. PS: the version 1.6.3 was only the LINUXversion and had library issues that is now added in this newversion.

This weekend it will be available only via Skunkcraftsupdader. version 1.6.x above.

EJET Ver 1.6.4 Change Log 25 AUG 2021 - Windows and MAC OS andLinux beta

  • Fixed issues related to FLCH in manual mode
  • Fixed Autoland issue while 000 or 360
  • Fixed ILS tunning at Take off
  • Improved Autothrottle.
  • Improved fuel prediction and mcdu "INSUFFICIENT FUEL" message
  • Linux plugin beta 2

The Embraer E-Jet family is a series of narrow-body short- tomedium-range twin-engine jet airliners, carrying 66 to 124 passengerscommercially, manufactured by Brazilian aerospace manufacturerEmbraer. The aircraft family was first introduced at the Paris AirShow in 1999 and entered production in 2002.


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