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Sparky744 Upgrade For Default X-Plane 747 Released


After 18 months of design, revisions, testing, a whole new systemsscripting package (of an already well designed plane), the initialrelease of what (by popular demand) is to hence forth be known as theSparky744 is ready for a first release.


What are the differences between the default 747, and the Sparky 747?

This 747 currently includes new FMOD sounds done by FT+Sim, newsystems and FMC, three variants of engines coming soon, a new UV mapfor livery creators, and many more big changes in the future. Thegithub repository contains the latest versions, including the LCFmodel variant by Lee_Hyeon_Seo (with permission) with the existingimprovements, check out the working his A340 developements.

Custom sounds from FTSim+ (with permission).


The general concept is to bring the aircraft as close to the realversion as is achievable, please refer to original 747-400 materialsuch as the widely distributed FCOM for details on how the aircraftfunctions.


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