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Skyline Simulations Releases Gibraltar XP


We are pleased to announce the long-awaited release of GibraltarAirport! An airport that was first announced a year and a half ago, isnow available to all fans of dangerous airports and more! This airportis also well-known, because it is the most famous airport in theworld, where a highway intersects with the airport runway. This meansthat during takeoff and landing, the traffic of vehicles andpedestrians is stopped until the process is completed. We have madesure to simulate this event for each of your takeoffs andlandings.


The airport is a perfect representation of the real thing! So, youare going to admire all the famous landmarks and of course, the Rockof Gibraltar.

The Skyline Simulations team managed after endless hours of workand tons of creativity, to complete such a demanding airport in theworld of X-Plane.

At this point, we would like to warmly thank Mr. Ryan Castle, forthe live photographic material he provided us daily from the area, aswell as Mr. Liquid, who played a key role in coding. Finally, wewould like to thank all of you for your patience! Now you can enjoythe goodies of Gibraltar!

This airport, in the future, will be converted for MSFS, as well asfor Prepar3D.

P.S. Samos Airport is next and not so far away! It will beavailable for X-Plane, MSFS, Prepar3D!



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