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SimToolkitPro 1.0 Released


SimToolkitPro launched just over 3 years ago as a personal projectto help me get better at landings. 3 years on, I'm still not very goodat them, but SimToolkitPro has changed greatly. The first year was aslow one with uptake on users and no "online" functionality at all. Bythe start of year 2, we had hit our first milestone of double digitflights online and later that year VATSIM's Cross the Pond event wehit our high of just over 1000 concurrent flights.

As 1.0 rolls out, we have close to 76,000 active users flight 3000+flights a day. I am consistently humbled by the amount of support thisproject has got over the past 3 years.

For those that don't know STKP is a single developer project,entirely developed to try and give the best available tools to thecommunity for nothing at all as flight simulation is expensive enough!The discord staff and support team are made entirely of volunteersdonating their time to keep STKP running smoothly.

As of the 1.0 release there are also 220+ active patrons over onPatreon helping support the project and allowing me to improve thehardware behind the scenes to provide a better, faster service. If youwant access to the latest test builds you can join themhere.

So What's New?

Here are the headlines for 1.0!

  • Screenshots - Automatically capture and save screenshots from your flights regardless of the sim!
  • New Flight Planner - Wizard for easily getting flying without complex options and menus
  • New Dashboard - Slimmed down and simpler dashboard
  • NAT Tracks - Updated in real time from offical sources the NAT tracks are shown on the live map
  • LiveDataServer - Map is now powered by a faster socket based server that updates in near real time for STKP flights
  • New API - Faster API for parts of the app to improve response times
  • Updated Fleet Page - A more visual fleet page with a better display of your fleet
  • Real Ops - Near realtime update of real flight data for airlines
  • Better Network Integration - Access to ATIS information from VATSIM/IVAO when available
  • Improvements to Network Mapping - Better display of online controllers for networks
  • Logbook Improvements - Better display of logged flights and inline display of screenshots from them
  • DataCentre for STKP - A web based collaborative tool to improve the data used by SimToolkitPro, as of 1.0 release all user accounts of a certain age will get access to this. It can be found on the website
  • New Integrated Ticket System - A new fully custom ticket system with notifications integrated into the STKP client

X-Plane 12

SimToolkitPro 1.0 ships with a plugin that is currently compatiblewith X-Plane 12, as X-Plane 12 is in active development things can andwill change so issues will be addressed as and when they arise.

Where is {x} feature?

Not everything made it to the 1.0 release, but that doesn't mean itisn't coming. Fully native iOS and Android apps are planned for thisyear giving remote access to your live flight data, scheduled flightsand fleet data from anywhere you have an internet connection.


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