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ShortFinal Design Releases Freeware Boston V2 XP


Boston V2 is out! Featuring custom SAM jetways, new ground texturesand newly built terminals! Make sure to download the MisterX Libraryupdate as well. And also a small teaser about what's coming next. Staytuned!



This is a highly detailed scenery of Boston Logan International Airport, as well as the city of Boston.


  • Detailed and accurate scenery for KBOS - Boston Logan International Airport
  • Animated airport vehicles and ship traffic (using the GroundTraffic plugin)
  • Animated marhshallers and jetways (using SAM)
  • Custom ground textures for taxiways and runways
  • Photoscenery for the airport and the surrounding area
  • Lots of landmarks in Boston, including the Bunker Hill Bridge, Tobin Bridge, Fenway Park, and many more

Coming Next


Download KBOS from the FlightSim.Com file library

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