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Review: Canada4XPlane - CYQB Quebec City Int'l

Quebec City Int'l Airport

Publisher: Canada4XPlane

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FlightSim.Com Staff

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Also known as Jean LesageInternational Airport, Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airportis the main airport serving the Canadian city of Quebec. It wasestablished in 1939 as a training facility for air observers and sawits first flight on September 11, 1941. It is now the eleventh busiestairport in Canada--there were 1,670,880 passengers and 121,680 aircraftmovements in the year 2017 alone.

CYQB is a picturesque airport surrounded by pine trees, city, andfor a good portion of the year, lots of snow. It's a great destinationfor pilots looking to explore Canada, and a beautiful area over whichto fly. Let's take a look at Canada4XPlane's highly detailed scenerypackage created for X-Plane 11.


First Look

Upon loading the scenery for the first time, I was immediatelyimpressed by the ground textures, 3D volumetric grass, and highlydetailed parking lots. It gave the feel of a bustling airport situatedin a large city, just like the real thing. The modeling on thebuildings including the terminal and control tower is detailed andnicely textured, and the placement of the objects is very well doneand accurate. Details are everywhere--ground crew, cones, etc. areplaced where one would expect them to be placed at a real airport. Sofar, this airport has a very immersive and "real life" feel. I've donea lot of work making custom scenery for my own personal use over thepast five years and I know how difficult it is to get an airport to feellike a real airport and not just a staged diorama, and I was veryexcited to see that Canada4XPlane nailed it.

/images/reviews/c4xpcyqb/t/canada4xplane-cyqb-2.jpg   /images/reviews/c4xpcyqb/t/canada4xplane-cyqb-3.jpg

Ground Textures

The ground textures at CYQB are very nice. The aprons, grass andparking lots feature highly detailed ground textures that arebeautiful both up close and from the air. Time was taken to add detaileven around the fences, including tufts of grass and dirt where itshould be. The only issue I had was in a few areas where some of thelines and taxiways were a little "jagged" here and there, but it's notprominent and doesn't detract from the experience. The pavement evenappears to reflect the sun from certain angles, and the grass looksphenomenal, especially approaching the runways. The way the texturessurround the runways gives an extremely real feel coming in on finalapproach.

/images/reviews/c4xpcyqb/t/canada4xplane-cyqb-4.jpg   /images/reviews/c4xpcyqb/t/canada4xplane-cyqb-5.jpg

Buildings And Textures

The 3D work is excellent and the textures are realistic andconvincing but not overly done. There were no static shadows that Icould notice right off the bat as I rotated the sun angle. The controltower looks absolutely stunning and the accuracy of the buildings issolid as far as I can tell. The only gripe I have is the roof textureson some of the buildings are a little lower resolution than I wouldhave liked them to be, but the faces of the buildings look great andyou don't notice the roofs much when you're flying in. The nighttextures are really nice and the glow from the windows is perfect--notoverly done and not too dim, either.


/images/reviews/c4xpcyqb/t/canada4xplane-cyqb-7.jpg   /images/reviews/c4xpcyqb/t/canada4xplane-cyqb-8.jpg


Speaking of the night textures, the rest of the airport looksreally good at night as well. I don't have any complaints about theambiance, lighting, or textures. The ramp lighting is a soothingyellow-orange glow, contrasted with the greenish hue coming from thetinted windows of the terminal buildings. The parking lots arerealistically lit and nothing is too bright or too dark.


/images/reviews/c4xpcyqb/t/canada4xplane-cyqb-10.jpg   /images/reviews/c4xpcyqb/t/canada4xplane-cyqb-11.jpg


With the world objects turned up to maximum, I didn't see any majorperformance issues on my machine. This scenery is pretty welloptimized for performance as far as I can tell.



  • Excellent detail
  • Realistic feel
  • Beautiful night ambiance
  • Accurate buildings
  • Detailed parking lots
  • Great ground textures
  • Rooftops are a little low resolution
  • Some minor jaggedness with the taxiways


I can tell the developers really enjoyed making this airport, andit looks fantastic as a result. It's a terrific rendition of animportant Canadian airport, and would make a great addition to yourscenery collection as well as a great place to start exploring Canadain X-Plane. Overall, I give this airport a 9.5/10 for its immersiveand realistic environment and excellent attention to detail.

/images/reviews/c4xpcyqb/t/canada4xplane-cyqb-13.jpg   /images/reviews/c4xpcyqb/t/canada4xplane-cyqb-14.jpg

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