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Review: Boundless Simulations - Kerry Airport

Kerry Airport

Publisher: Boundless Simulations

Review Author:
Paul Mort

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This is a review of Kerry Airport byX-Plane developer, Boundless Simulations. If you happened to read mylast review, you'll know that their rendition ofIsle Of Man (EGNS)scored very highly, and so I was eager to find out if Kerry Airportwould maintain their impressive track record. Let's find out...


Often called Farranfore Airport, Kerry Airport (EIKY) is anInternational Airport in Farranfore County Kerry, Ireland. It is 7nautical miles (13 km; 8.1 mi) north of the Ring of Kerry, and 8nautical miles (15 km; 9.2 mi) southeast of the county's capital,Tralee. In 2017 Kerry Airport handled 335,480 passengers, an increaseof 3% over 2016.


The airport has developed from a runway of 1,090 metres x 23 metrescommissioned in 1969, to a runway of 1,239m x 30m commissioned in1989, and a new runway of 2,000m x 45m which opened in May 1994. InJanuary 2020, Ryanair announced they would commence a twice weeklyflight to Manchester (operating every Thursday and Sunday) from 29thMarch 2020.

Airport Walkabout

An initial look around the airport was highly favorable. I made astart at the east general aviation hangar, and was presented with somenicely modelled static aircraft.


From my vantage point above the hangar, I could see a very nicerepresentation of the Irish countryside, complete with ruralbuildings, roads and farm animals.

/images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image2.jpg   /images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image3.jpg

Moving on, I headed towards the main airport car park, which I amhappy to say contained no ortho vehicles (one of my pet hates). Eachcar was a 3D model, and for someone who enjoys the smaller details inlife, I really appreciated this.

/images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image4.jpg   /images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image5.jpg

To the rear of the car park is a fuel depot with 3D tankertrucks. I'm not sure if these are custom made, but they worked wellenough and fitted in with their surroundings.

/images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image6.jpg   x/images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image7.jpg

In the picture below, you can see a rather nice rendition of atypical Irish built brick cottage...perfect for that long weekendgetaway.


The Hertz car rental building is also nicely modelled and is yetanother example of the kind of texture quality you'll find on thebuildings.

/images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image9.jpg   x/images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image10.jpg

It was now time for me to make my way carefully across the car parkto the business end of the airport.


The fire station is always on standby with a couple of very hi-techtenders clearly visible in the images below.

/images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image12.jpg   /images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image13.jpg

Having checked photographs of the real airport fire station, I wasdelighted to see that the developer has made a superb job atrecreating it here for X-Plane.

The standout feature of the scenery has to be the custom made mainterminal building at Kerry. It's quite removed from the large terminalbuildings you see at major hubs, but strangely enough, I think this iswhat makes it so endearing. The modelling here is really first classand is perhaps one of the most impressive buildings I have seen fromthe developer. The textures are very nicely done and include subtleweathering effects which work well. Smaller details such as signs areall present and work well (even when viewed close up). The people inthe tower control room is a detail typical of Boundless Simulationsand one I thoroughly enjoy.

/images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image14.jpg   /images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image15.jpg

Road and pavement textures are also used to good effect, andreflect those seen at the real airport.


The numerous signs in and outside the airport are some of the bestI have seen in a scenery such as this. Like many of the textures used,these too remain clear and perfectly legible even when viewed closeup.

/images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image17.jpg   /images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image18.jpg



After a quick drink in the Gateway Bar, I decided to visit anotherarea of the scenery, that being the small and quiet village ofFarranfore.


/images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image21.jpg   /images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image22.jpg

Night Lighting

With my visit of the airport almost over, it was time to look atthe night lighting effects.


/images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image23.jpg   /images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image25.jpg


The PC used for my test of this airport was as follows: Windows 10,Intel Core i5, 16 GB of RAM and an NVidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti. As youcan see, it's a pretty middle of the road system, but even with thismodest spec, the scenery performed flawlessly.

Value For Money

At the time of writing this review, Kerry Airport was $16.99 whichin my opinion represents very good value for money.


The documentation included in the package is brief, but covers allthe necessary points.

/images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image26.jpg   /images/reviews/kerryapt/t/Kerry-Airport-image27.jpg

Overall Impression

Having earlier reviewed Isle of Man by Boundless Simulations, I hadrather high expectations for Kerry, and I am glad to say I was notdisappointed. This is another meticulously modelled scenery by adeveloper who really cares about his work and it shows in spades. Ifyou enjoy flying to and from smaller airports with a bit of character,then Boundless Simulations Kerry Airport comes highly recommended.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.



Paul Mort


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