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pizzagalli.ch - Sukhoi Su-33 For X-Plane


The Sukhoi Su-33, NATO reporting name Flanker-D, is an all-weathercarrier-based twin-engine air superiority fighter designed by Sukhoiand manufactured by Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft ProductionAssociation. It was derived from the Su-27 and initially known as theSu-27K. Compared with the Su-27, the Su-33 has a strengthenedundercarriage and structure, folding wings and stabilators, all forcarrier operations. The Su-33 has canards and its wings are largerthan the Su-27 for increased lift. The Su-33 has upgraded engines anda twin nose wheel, and is air refuelable.


First used in operations in 1995 aboard the aircraft carrierAdmiral Kuznetsov, the fighter officially entered service in August1998, by which time the designation "Su-33" was used. Following thebreak-up of the Soviet Union and the subsequent downsizing of theRussian Navy, only 24 aircraft were produced. Attempted sales to Chinaand India fell through. With plans to retire the Su-33 once they reachthe end of their service life, the Russian Navy ordered the MiG-29K asa replacement in 2009.


  • Flight manual user
  • Big update
  • Texture 4K
  • New HUD
  • Radome mobile
  • Mobile radar
  • Cockpit enhancement
  • External view with scaling ladder
  • Protection of external instruments
  • Stopping blocks
  • Improved stability
  • Auto flaps
  • G Display
  • Automated avionics functions
  • Multiple weapon system display modes
  • Dynamic head movement in flight and taxi without TrackIR
  • Auto ejection seat
  • Auto flaps


Animated 3D Model

  • 3D cockpit with multiple functions
  • Animation flaps
  • Slats
  • Animation canopy
  • Landing gear with doors
  • IFR probe
  • Folding wings
  • Ejection seat command
  • Tailhook
  • Chute
  • Thrust vectors
  • Expandable nozzles
  • 2 models, without and with weapons

Detailed 3D Cockpit

  • Nav light selection
  • RADAR display
  • Pilot automatic
  • Engine systems
  • Complet NAV system
  • Weapon system panel

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