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pizzagalli.ch - Northrop Grumman P-30 Now Available For X-Plane 12


P-30 is a new project different from what currently exists. The plane hasthe wings reversed in the direction of advance, a technique very difficult tocarry out, because of the enormous stresses on the wings in supersonic mode.But today with composite materials, this has become possible. The 1980sGrumman X-29 (1984 to 1991 for the last flight) was designed to explore thispromising technique.


It's been 40 years already.

The plane was a success, but I do not know the reasons for itsabandonment. The X-29 clearly inspired this P30. This is the reason why itsname is: Northrop Grumman P30.

The Sukhoi SU-47 uses the same principles, but later, in 1997. thatairplane also was abandoned.

For the pleasure of making and flying this P-30 aircraft, it is alsovertical takeoff, with orientable thrust vectors.



  • FMOD
  • Fully animated 3D exterior model:
    • Gear
    • Flaps
    • Flight controls
    • Thrust vectors
  • Easy transitions between vertical and conventional flight modes
  • Weapon bay door opening matches selected weapon
  • Fully animated 3D interior cockpit model:
    • Stick, throttle, rudder pedals, switches
  • Ejection seat
  • Multiple liveries available on the X-Plane.org freeware download manager
  • SASL plug-in driven avionics and automated systems
  • Default auto tilt, auto trim and auto flap control options can be switched off for full manual control if desired
  • Flight manual
  • Texture 4K
  • 1 models
  • Nav light selection
  • Garmin 1000
  • Pilot automatic
  • Engine systems
  • Complete NAV system



Optimized for X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12

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