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Origami Studios Update On Bulldog For X-Plane 11


Today we're happy to announce that the Scottish Aviation Bulldog byOrigami Studios, in collaboration with SimToolKitPro will be releasedon Friday 11th September 2020 for X-Plane 11.

We're also happy to announce that the aircraft will be exclusivelysold on the iniBuilds store. iniBuilds is known for their extensivecommunity support and content, and we're incredibly excited to beworking with the team.


With the Bulldog, you will be receiving 8 custom liveries, anextensive flight-model tuned against feedback from real Bulldog pilotsand recorded aerobatic procedures. Coupled with detailed 4k visuals,sounds, realstate and custom systems; this will be the mostextensive representation of this fading British icon.

Lastly we would like to apologize for our long silence. When westarted in Spring 2020, we had no idea that this would lead us downthis road. We're incredibly grateful to those who have supported us,and we all hope you enjoy the aircraft!


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