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Orbx Releases EG41 Fishburn As Freeware For X-Plane 11


Here is a lovely gift for X-Plane users from Orbx:EG41 Fishburn Airfield for X-Plane 11 - Freeware.

Fishburn Airfield is a small grass strip airfield in Fishburn,County Durham. The airfield was opened on 30 June 1995 by the thenlocal MP and Leader of the Opposition Tony Blair. It was named as"Airfield of the year" by aviation magazine Flyer in 2004 for itswelcoming atmosphere and bacon butties in the recently renewed TheAviator Bistro'.


Created by Stefan Schroen and Sandro De Sarro who developed EG20Clench Common. Stefan has been creating repaints and sceneries forX-Plane since 2017 and is known for his visual storytelling as you cantell by the charismatic screen shots.

EG41 has been developed to be compatible with TrueEarth GreatBritain Central.


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