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Orbx Previews Essendon Fields Airport


100 Years of Essendon Fields Airport (YMEN): Preview #2 - Ansett Hangars.

Hangar 3 was the first hangar constructed for Ansett Airways and isthe oldest remaining Ansett building today. The other Ansett building,Hangar 4, opened in 1938 and at the time was the largest of its kindin Australia.

Yours to discover in our upcoming Essendon Airport for MSFS, P3D,and XP11.



Essendon Fields Airport, colloquially known as Essendon Airport, isa public airport serving scheduled commercial, corporate-jet, charterand general aviation flights. It is located next to the intersectionof the Tullamarine and Calder Freeways, in the north western suburb ofEssendon Fields of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


FS2004 users might be feeling a bit left out...but fear not, asthere is a fantastic rendition of Essendon Fields Airport availablefor free in the file library:


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