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Nimbus Simulations X-Plane Projects Road Map


Hello everyone!

The new year is here and we are excited to continue working on whatwe love. Last year was kind of quiet from our part, not because weweren't working, quite the opposite, we were too busy developing, alot of stuff had been happening behind the scenes. This year besidesthe projects I will shortly announce, we will also work to improve ourcommunication with the community to create a more fluidexperience.



This year is Nimbus Simulation Studios 10th anniversary and we areplanning to celebrate it with a considerable number of releases, Iknow the roadmap looks ambitious but all of the projects planned to bepublished this year are at least 60% completed.

2021 Roadmap

  • UH-1 V1.5: The Uh-1 update will bring new interior textures,improved flight model, bug fixes and a couple of extra features likeGPS and radio-altimeter, we are aiming for the end of February as arelease date.
  • UH-1 Civilian version: It will include firefighting, crop dusting,medical transport, bubble windows, high skids, floats, modern radiosand a variety of objects for slung operations, ETA is March.
  • Dulles: This big Washington airport is pretty close to completionand it will be released on April.
  • Memphis: The FedEx cargo hub will be ready to release on June.
  • Charlotte: A lot of work is done but we still need to address themesh, the ETA is July.
  • JFK: we have been working quietly on this one, right now we havemost of the 3D buildings, vehicles and ground textures done, stillsome work to do, this airport is incredibly complex and full ofobjects, ETA is September.
  • Other airports: We have 3 small airports on the works too, no ETAfor now but we want to release them all throughout this year, theyare: Tahoe lake airport, Catalina Island and Kendall TamiamiExecutive.
  • Dornier Do-28: this is also something we have been working onquietly, this fun, strange looking prop airplane will be ready byDecember.



In 2021 we will also enter the MSFS market, we have a lot to learnso it will initially be a small airport (to be announced).

Happy flights!

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