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Nimbus Simulation Studios 2022 Development Update


Almost a year ago we published the 2021 roadmap. We where prettyconfident of achieving it but unfortunately life had other plans forus. One of the Nimbus team members passed away, it was very unexpectedand extremely sad. It really affected us on a personal level and wehad to take a break.

2021 also gave us the opportunity to participate in a new projectfor a real aircraft company. This will allow us to create morerealistic flight models and experiences for the simulator; moreinformation on this soon.

We have a lot of catch up to do, but we are very close to releaseKIAD and a few months after that the other airports we announced oneyear ago. The military UH-1 will also receive an update, not onlyfixing some bugs but adding more functionality; some funfunctionality.

We really expect to have several releases this year and maybe bringa few surprises.

To all of you who like our products and had supported us during theyears, my most sincere apologies for the delays and lack ofinformation.

We are now back on track and here are some images showing how closewe are to finish KIAD.




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