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New Video Shows Austin Meyer Flying X-Plane 12


Here is a YouTube video from Michael Brown (owner of X-Force PC)showing Austin Meyer at the controls of X-Plane 12:

We've been covering the "teaser" images of X-Plane 12 for quitesome time, and it's great to see it finally in action. As you'll seefrom the video, it quite clearly shows the new volumetric clouds,something Austin has wanted to add to X-Plane for the last 25years. Even though the clouds are still in a preliminary stage, theyare still very impressive and a big jump over previousgenerations. Also present in the video, is the Airbus A330, a newaddition to the X-Plane fleet. There's still quite a bit of work to doaccording to Austin, including new scenery to render, so staytuned!

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