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New France VFR Product Range For X-Plane


We've just released 5 vegetation products for the entire Francecountry. Each pack is for a region of France : North-West, North-East,Center, South-West and South-East. This is really a revolution forX-Plane simmers because it is the first time such dense, high accuracywith so many species varieties and edges density is available for awhole country under X-Plane!

A free demo scenery isavailable here.


  • TREE Factory XP is a set of very dense and detailed vegetation DSFoverlays covering the Southern-East part of France (see chart providedfor more informations about coverage).
  • TFXP sceneries are designed for use with photographic scenes suchas those generated by Ortho4XP but can also be used with the defaultX-Plane landscape.
  • Each scenery is sub-divided into two sub-sceneries in order toallow the least powerful configurations to activate only the mostimportant part of the vegetation. The "_Std" scenery contains themost significant vegetation zones, approximately 2/3 of the fullcoverage, while the "_Ext" scenery contains the small hedges andthickets. Only the "_Ext" scenery can be disabled by deleting it fromthe Custom Scenery directory.

More informations and screen shots on France VFR web site.


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