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Mountain Lion Studios - Sonex-B / WAIEX-B XP11 Now Available


Now available from Mountain Lion Studios for X-Plane 11 is the popular kit plane the Sonex-B. Also available is the WAIEX-B variant which sports a Y-tail. The planes are available either individually or together as a bundle.


Mountain Lion Studios – Sonex-B / WAIEX-B Bundle

The best of both worlds, this package comes complete with both theSonex-B and the Waiex-B, as well as an added bonus of both standardand metallic paints. All of your Sonex needs are met with one singlepackage. Enjoy 4 models with 20 different paint configurations, andthen hit the skies in one of the most nimble and fast sport planes onthe market.


The Sonex-B is a basic and economical, easy to build, all metal twoplace monoplane. Designed to meet the needs of the United States andEuropean sport aircraft markets, it can incorporate variouslightweight contemporary engines of 80 to 130 hp and is perfectlysuited to the US Sport Pilot/LSA regulations. Outstanding performanceis achieved through its clean aerodynamic shape and simple,lightweight construction. The Sonex leverages horsepower in small,lightweight aircraft engines very efficiently, offering The BestPerformance Per Dollar, and boasts an incredibly robust airframe withample structural safety margin allowing aerobatics into the IACcompetition levels, and all while it cruises at 130MPH+. In thecurrent B-Model configuration, the Sonex has matured to offer morecreature comforts, a wider variety of engine choices, more capabilityand greater ease of build. Feel the responsive, sporty capabilitiesshe offers, and we're confident the Sonex-B will be one of your mostenjoyable flights to take in X-Plane in a very long time.


WAIEX (pronounced "Y-X") is simply a Y-tail Sonex. Built purely forit's good looks and as an homage to earlier John Monnett designs suchas the Moni and Monex Racer, the Waiex specifications and performancenumbers are identical to those of the Sonex and, like the Sonex, isperfectly suited to the US Sport Pilot/LSA regulations. The Waiexretains the same superb Sonex flight characteristics and highperformance in all phases of flight, including aerobatics.


If you're looking for the ultimate high-performance recreationalaircraft with maximum ramp-appeal, the Waiex is for you.

  • Custom models and sounds from a real Sonex B and Waiex B
  • Custom paints with hundreds of hand drawn rivets and screws
  • Both standard and tricycle gear configurations
  • Functional canopy
  • 3D cockpit with interactive buttons/switches
  • Tested by a real Sonex pilot for maximum realism

Purchase Mountain Lion Studios - Sonex-B / WAIEX-B Bundle
Purchase Mountain Lion Studios - Sonex-B For XP11
Purchase Mountain Lion Studios - WAIEX-B For XP11

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