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Khamsin Studio SA315B Lama v2.1 Released XP12


The SA315B Lama is a light multi-role helicopter. It was developed bythe French manufacturer Sud Aviation (later Aérospatiale, now AirbusHelicopters) for the Indian Air Force. It was to be designedprimarily for use in particularly high and hot environments. Theresult was a helicopter with impressive performance values for thattime. This helicopter weighs only 1021 kg when empty, but with amaximum take-off weight of 1950 kg it is still able to hover freely inthe air at an altitude of 4600. It is therefore not surprising thatthis helicopter was able to hold the absolute altitude world recordfrom 1972 to 2002 with a flight altitude of 12442 meters.

New Features

  • A toggle-able altimeter with inHg and hPa (included into the save-state and toggle able via tablet options)
  • A toggle-able IAS instrument in km/h and kts (included into the save-state and toggle able via tablet options)


  • Slightly more lift between stationary hover and translational lift
  • Added searchlight commands into the search light manual
  • The safe-state-system won’t reset the settings anymore when starting a new flight without leaving the Lama
  • One of the latest XP12 updates did change the rotor brake strength which broke the automatic shutdown procedure
  • Increase the centrifugal strength slightly
  • Fixed sounds playing falsely when leaving menu/pause


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