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Just Flight Previews VC10 For X-Plane 11


Here are some new VC10 X-Plane shots to share with you, takenduring testing this week.




The VC10 is widely regarded as one of the most graceful jetairliners ever created, with its long slim fuselage, clean angled-backwings and graceful swept-back tail surfaces.

Just Flight's VC10 will be coming to X-Plane 11 and will includeaccurately modelled Standard and Super civilian variants as well asthe C1K, K3 and K4 military variants in a variety of liveries coveringtheir time in airline and RAF service.

The aircraft was designed by Vickers-Armstrongs to fly onlong-distance BOAC routes between the UK and Africa and needed to beable to operate from hot and high airports with short runways. Thisresulted in an aircraft with superb performance, second only to thesupersonic Concorde in terms of speed for a jet airliner. The VC10 wasintroduced into RAF service in 1965, operating in the transport, cargoand in-flight refuelling roles, until its retirement in 2013, nearly50 years later.

The detailed virtual cockpit features 3D instruments, authenticwear and tear and all four flight crew positions (Captain, Co-Pilot,Flight Engineer and Navigator) modelled in high detail.

The VC10 is brought to life with distinctive Rolls-Royce Conwayengine sounds and accurate flight dynamics based on input from ex-VC10crew and real-world performance and handling data.

Just Flight Previews 146 Professional
Just Flight Latest Shots Of VC10

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