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JARDesign Update On JD340 For X-Plane


This week we had a debugging session with the xEnvirodevelopers. As a result, we made changes to the current version of theaircraft to solve this problem. If you use both products - xEnviro andJD340 - please try and let us know if the problem is solved (darksquare in the lower left corner of the screen). If all is correct now- we will include this solution in 320 and 330, else - will continuedebug to solve this. In addition, the version 1.3r1 includeimprovements:

  • taxi & ckpt entry camera add
  • xEnviro issue fixed (please check)
  • RAT hydraulic supply fixed
  • Tablet show/hide option add
  • F and S indication fixed on EWD
  • editable version.txt file (custom callsign)
  • minor bugs fixed
  • left FCU baro issue fixed

I should note what displays 2D widgets can not be used in externalview (need work more on this) and Taxi camera (based on defaultX-Plane camera instrument) have "night vision"-like green sky color indark time. We already request LR to solve this "feature". But betterthan nothing anyway.


New Taxi And Cockpit Camera

Taxi and Cockpit Entry camera JD340-500. Will include this to nextversion 1.3:

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