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iniBuilds Update On A380 And A300-600R(F) For X-Plane 11


iniSimulations A380

We provided a statement back in Development Update #1, that wewould update you on the latest situation on this project.

Our ethos at iniBuilds and iniSimulations is to ensure that we areproviding excellent products to our customers and themarket. Consequently following our last proper update on this projectin April 2019, we went back to the drawing boards and really thoughthow we could improve on what we had.

We are pleased to inform you that in that time we have developedthe unique technology to the A380; working on key systems, but we havealso ensured our modelling is most accurate and to our higheststandards. You can find the latest near-to-complete renders of theiniSimulations A380, that is completely new to the version showcasedback in April 2019.

A300 Development Update #5

We hope you are still saying safe and complying with internationalsafety regulations during these difficult times. We are happy toinform you that this has not caused any delays to our developments andthe team have continued to make significant progress.


iniSimulations A300-600R(F)

As mentioned inDevelopment Update #4,we are in the midst of our beta testing phase, and are happy to informyou that progress is going well with our testing team thoroughlytesting the aircraft in all aspects. We do not have an expected datefor when the beta phase will close and consequently we will not bereleasing or rushing any aspect of the project; our aim is to providethe ultimate experience to you, the customer.

However, we are pleased to showcase some footage of the systems andsounds in action that you can see below, a near to complete featureslist, along with some of the latest paints out of the hangar by ourtalented iniBuilds Painting Team!


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