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iniBuilds Announces A300-600 v1.10


iniBuilds will shortly be releasing the v1.10 update of theiriniSimulations A300-600R(F) On The Line aircraft forX-Plane, which we recently reviewed. A new 30 minute video shows what'sin store.

Changelog v1.10

  • NEW: Passenger variant
  • NEW: macOS compatibility
  • NEW: Active Sky for XP compatibility
  • NEW: Custom weather radar
  • Major potential performance improvements
  • Major re-works and enhancements to EFOB, ND Drawing for FPS, A/THR, Autoland and completely new thrust control logic and spool times
  • Fixed SASL Crash after selecting A/C STATUS in FMS
  • Fixed go around phase spool time/rate issue
  • Fixed THR L spool time/rate issue
  • Fixed Mach number in FMS not matching commanded number
  • Fixed v1 speed bug
  • Fixed ANN LT dim not affecting all lights
  • Fixed dome light illuminating without power
  • Fixed issue with thrust dipping after engaging LVLCH
  • Fixed issue where needle was clipping HYD pressure
  • Fixed DME-only not functioning correctly
  • Fixed thrust reverse N1 not being limited
  • Fixed typos in EFB
  • Fixed issue with airspeed target animation
  • Fixed issue with ILS not displaying correctly
  • Fixed issue with HDG not working correct is ROSE-mode
  • Fixed issue with SID transition not being selectable
  • Fixed issue with THR L coming on when pulling SPD knob
  • Fixed issue with times being displayed in 24xx rather than 00xx in FMS
  • Fixed issue where wind correction showing as 5 instead of 0
  • Fixed issue with TRP when selecting flex
  • Fixed runway overlap issue in FMS
  • Fixed hidden holding button
  • Fixed colour of localizer indicator at night
  • Fixed random runways point added in flight plan
  • Fixed issue with magnetic variation
  • Fixed pointer showing in opposite direction in ARC mode
  • Fixed issue with clock when crossing time zones
  • Fixed issue with fire test with HP fuel open
  • Fixed issue where runways would not show up on STAR page
  • Fixed issue where the EFIS control panel was always powered
  • Fixed issue where aircraft would not reach N1 for flex
  • Fixed issue where shutdown and reset of aircraft would not clear the FMS
  • Fixed issue where approach and destination airport would disappear
  • Fixed errors showing up on climb and cruise
  • Fixed issue where aircraft was extremely slow to accelerate to commanded LVL CH Mach speed
  • Fixed issue where T/D disappeared after direct to
  • Fixed issue where CMD 1 fails to engage in SPD ALT* in LVL CH descent level off at a low altitude
  • Updated yellow altitude intercept arc appearance
  • Fixed issue when profile would go into Mach passing 10000ft
  • Fixed issue where CRS that you set on the ILS was not reflected on the CRS page shown on ND
  • Fixed issue where aircraft would descend without pulling the altitude knob
  • Fixed issue where holding speed constraint is not respected in PROFILE mode
  • Fixed nav issues with direct to and not following NAV
  • Fixed EFB and FMS weight/load differences
  • Fixed issue where MCT N1 is higher than TO N1
  • Fixed issue with APU bleed starting too quickly
  • Fixed issue where turning off bleed after APU shutdown causes APU to turn on again
  • Fixed terrain radar performance issues
  • Fixed issue with THR RED and THR ACC settings from EFB not working correctly
  • Fixed loss of altitude when in tight turns
  • Fixed issue when using autobrakes MAX aircraft seems to apply MAX brakes without input
  • Fixed issue with runways not loading with SID at LEBL
  • Fixed issue with aircraft no descending on arrival at LMML
  • Fixed issue where negative OAT value could not be entered into TO PERF in EFB
  • Updated EFB items if ground vehicles connected
  • Fixed issue where random white line would occur on ND
  • Fixed issue with LAT/LONG on INS control panel not updating
  • Fixed issue wither CI of 0 could not be entered into INIT A
  • Fixed issue where FMS would show negative EFOB values
  • Fixed issue where EFB would freeze plane when requesting ATIS
  • Fixed issue where western longitude was denoted with a negative sign in FMS
  • Fixed issue where parking brake would get stuck on
  • Fixed issue when pressing the toe brakes, would play parking brake release noise.
  • Fixed issue where all waypoints after T/D showed Mach .79

Review: Bus Driver - The iniBuilds Airbus A300

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