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Henschel HS-123 Released For X-Plane 11


Well known aircraft developer Jennifer Kimball has created awonderful freeware model of the Henschel HS-123.

This HS-123 package comes with four variants. Two military: onewith and without wheel pants and two civilian: one with and withoutthe aux tank.


The civilian version comes with a Garmin 530 mounted where theweapons control switches would be. The military model just has aweapons control switch area there and no Garmin.

HS-123s were dive bombing/close support aircraft flown by theGerman Luftwaffe, Spanish Air force, and Republic of China AirForce. They were produced from 1936 to 1938 and about 265 of them werebuilt. The demilitarized version is fictional but it is fun and itcomes with some fun paints.



Like many of Jennifer's models, this aircraft is freeware, but ifyou enjoy flying it, why not send her a small thank you.

Read more about Jennifer in herFlightSim.Com interview.

Download henschel_hs-123.zip
See JennAviation payware aircraft

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