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Gaya Updates Vienna For X-Plane


Scenery developer Gaya Simulations have updated their ViennaAirport (LOWW) for X-Plane 11, to version 1.2.

Sorry for the delay on this one, we've implemented a vast number ofnew fixes and we figure they're worth the extra development time! Wehope you enjoy!


  • North pier terminal now have interior modelling!
  • Ground service equipment now have better texture
  • New model for the static A320 of Austrian with its accurate appearance and engines
  • Add new buildings make the airport dated with its current state
  • Fixes to a number of graphical errors
  • Taxi lights offset all over the airport
  • Fixed heavy handed exclusion zones which occasionally affected vegetation rendering
  • Fixed E/W holding lines and lights to accompany
  • Changed the orange taxi line to proper colour
  • The red floodlights now only illuminate at night
  • Updated ATC information and added wind rules
  • Approach lighting improved at runway 29
  • Added the Vienna airport logo to the SAM marshallers
  • Changed gate sign style to reflect the real world
  • A number of fixes to SAM jetways
  • Added more ramp starts
  • A number of other small, miscellaneous fixes and improvements.


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