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FlyJSim Releases Patch For Q4XP For X-Plane


New patch! You will need to reactivate the aircraft upon updating.

Patch Notes: 1.15, Date : January 24th, 2022


  • Improve popup FMS to use borderless windows and keyboard capture.
  • Add panel texture capture for other display popups.
  • Add ability to scroll north-up MFD map by selecting legs in FPL page.
  • Fix 0049/timezone entries not allowing negative timezone offset.
  • Fix 0046/DTO HOLD causing FMS to sequence into hold too early.
  • Fix attempt 0050/FMS not showing landing page on landing.
  • Improve glideslope capture trip conditions to avoid ignoring valid glideslope signal.
  • Ensure that DTO doesn't discard overfly flag from waypoints.
  • Fix MFD map colors appearing dim.
  • Fix bug that could cause slowdowns in popup FMS click detection.
  • Enable autopilot controllers debug menus in release build.
  • Fix manual approach activation not triggering VNAV approach mode.
  • Fix hdg intercept after manual app activation cancelling approach.

Q400 belongs to Dash 8 family of turboprop regionalairliners. Credit: Bombardier. Bombardier delivered a Q400 airliner toQazaq Air in April 2019. Credit: Bombardier. Europe's JointAirworthiness Authorities approved the Q400 airliner in October2001.


If you're an FSX or P3D user and are looking for a Q400, then whynot head on over to the store and have a look at the Virtualcol - DASH8 Series:

Virtualcol - DASH 8 Series X for FSX and P3D - FlightSim.Com Store

However, if you're looking for a freeware alternative, then theversion by Premier Aircraft Design is highly recommended:

FSX Bombardier Dash 8-Q400:dhc8-q400_x.zip

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