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FlyJSim Have Updated Their Q4XP For X-Plane


Version 1.11 is released, a major performance boost and initial VRsupport! Update using skunkcrafts. Reactivation is required. In caseyou are having unresolvable issues, we have left 1.10 up as the .orgdownload. Enjoy!


  • Cockpit manipulators replaced with low poly count click spots as well as command driven manipulators.
  • These new manipulators improve performance in and out of VR as well as facilitating those who need commands driving hardware such as cockpit builders.
  • Larger click spots makes many switches and knobs easier to select.
  • Performance increases will vary by user, more improvements will come next year.


  • Initial support for VR comes with the new manipulators was well asmuch improved performance.


  • Fix crash when inserting index 0 on VTO page.
  • Fix WPT ALERT not computed when Track-to-Fix termination conditions aren't met.
  • Fix hold legs not getting pre-computed when WPT ALERT isn't triggered.
  • Fix DF leg computation when the target location is within turn radius (RTT 3J departure LOWI).
  • Fix waypoint ETA clipping on MFD map.


  • No more shiny control seals.


  • New Option added to give you different options for throttle and prophandle manipulators.


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