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FlyingIron P-38L Development Update


G'day guys,

We've had a few requests for some updates on the P-38; today we arehere to deliver on that. Firstly we apologise for the radio silencerecently; we've been hard at work trying to continually enhance thequality of the aircraft as much as possible before we release.


Speaking of release, let's get that out of the way first. Althoughwe announced earlier that we were hoping to have released by now, wehave ultimately decided to keep working on development for justa little while longer. We can't give a solid date right now, but we areplanning in terms of days, not weeks and months, if that gives you anyidea. We expect to have you all flying around in the fork-tail devilbefore mid-July at the very latest.


Ultimately the reason for the delay was quality; while we have beenvery proud of development so far, maintaining our standard of ensuringeach release is better than the last, we decided we want to take abigger 'leap' with the P-38 and really push development into the nexttier of quality. This means for you, you will receive the bestpossible rendition of the P-38, ready to fly on release day.



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