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FlyingIron Announces P-38L Lightning


P-38 Lightning Announcement and Stay-at-Home Sale!

Today we are very excited to be announcing our next release forX-plane 11: The Lockheed P-38L Lightning

With over 10,000 built between 1941-1944 (and nearly 4000 of theseas the P-38L), the P-38 Lightning is an iconic American Warbird,easily distinguished by its unique twin-boom and central nacelledesign. The "fork-tailed devil" inspired terror across Europeand the Pacific as not only a fighter, but a highly effectivefighter-bomber, night fighter and long-range escort.




The Lightning is capable of speeds up to 414 mph and an excellentrate of climb, powered by its powerful twin Allison V-1710Engines. The Allison engines drive a 3-bladed Curtiss Electricconstant-speed propeller, counter-rotating to eliminate yawtendencies, generating up to 1600 HP in each engine at a 2:1 gearreduction ratio. Dogfight performance is improved drastically with theaddition of innovative technology for its time, such as thehydraulically powered aileron boosters, manoeuvre flaps and diveflaps.


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