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FLY X Simulations Fuerteventura Out Now


This scenery covers the beautiful holiday destination ofFuerteventura, located in the Canary Islands.

Fuerteventura sees a constant influx of holiday makers all yearround flocking from all around central Europe to the hot, sunnybeaches of the second largest Canary Island. Fuerteventura is theoldest Canary Island dating back 20 million years to a volcaniceruption leading to its formation. Today Fuerteventura thrives ontourism; its southerly location in the Canary Islands, closer to theequator, leads it to be popular all year round.

The scenery includes features such as an accurate and up to daterendition of the apron including the newly relayed taxiways, accurateand up to date 3D objects, PBR ground textures and some of thesurrounding area near to the airport.


  • Accurate, custom modelled buildings
  • Accurate, custom ground textures
  • An up to date apron and taxiway layout
  • Orthophotos for the airport are
  • Custom buildings for some of the surrounding are
  • Custom modleled, textured, and animated auto gate Jetways
  • PBR texturing throughout the entire scenery
  • Custom 3D grass, bushes, and trees


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