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Drzewiecki Design--News From Tokyo


Here is some news from Tokyo.

Apparently, it is reasonably hard to prepare any epic-lookingpreviews as most of the work has not been exported to the sim yet(there is no reason to do so at this stage) and renders are not how itwill look in the sim. A lot of work has been put into ground poly andsecondary buildings which must be done but it does not provide the"cool" look yet. What you see on in-sim Narita screen shots is justone of the WIP export versions, it is not the final one.

We have received a lot of support from our customers resource-wiseand we are very grateful for that. This will definitely help usputting even more realistic details into the project.



In general - due to the nature of the upcoming FS2020 we havefocused on the airports rather than the city. They will most probablybe released as two separate airport products with Haneda including citylandmarks.

The plan is to have the airports P3D-FS-XP-compatible, with all thefeatures we had so far (including terminal/hangar interiors, detailedgates with vgds/jetways, etc.) plus new features that became availablelately. The goal is to have the products completed before the Olympicsand in the meantime there will be some other releases too. More aboutthat soon.





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