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Cowan Simulation Releases Bell 222UT For X-Plane


The iconic helicopter was the chosen project for this team, which justentered the flight simulation market.

The Bell 222 is one of the most recognized helicopters in the worldand it was placed on the center stage by the TV show "Airwolf" back inthe 1980s.

Being such an iconic helicopter, loved by many helicopter loversaround the world, Cowan Simulations decided to use it to debut theirpresence in the flight simulation market.

After months of development, with the help of several real-worldpilots, which have assisted and validated the development of thiscomplex machine, version 1.0 is now out.


This is an "always-in-progress" project. What this means is that,although this is not an early access add-on, it is only the firstversion as Cowan Simulations will continue to improve and update themodel in the future. The team is counting on the feedback of thecommunity to do so!

Right now you will be presented with a remarkable list of features,which is the result of thousands of lines of code, many, many hours ofwork and debugging and the help of a team that cooperatively helpedbuild this product and bring it to life.

But there will be more coming in the future.

A wheeled version is planned and, who knows, we may even seeAirwolf in the future (no promises, though).


Official Features List

  • SASL sounds with nearly 2000 lines of code
  • Custom xlua code for systems and animations
  • VR and Vulkan ready
  • Custom 3D instruments
  • Custom and realistic start up from cold and dark
  • Custom coded auto start using ctrl + shift + e
  • Capable of starting up running
  • Vibration animations
  • Blade slap sounds
  • PBR textures
  • Realistic flight model tested by pilots
  • AviTab integration
  • Xchecklist capability
  • PDF manual and checklists
  • Paint kit with UV map
  • Highly customized lighting


You can purchase the Cowan Simulations Bell 222 UT, for $24.95 athttps://cowansim.com/product/222ut-cowan-simulation/

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