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Boundless Simulations - Irish Helipads Released


This scenery package is the culmination of over six months of workand includes 12 helipads and locations across Ireland that are used byour Rescue helicopters for medical purposes. Each one poses a uniquechallenge, especially in wet and windy Irish weather!


  • 12 helipads and locations across Ireland
  • Realistic night lighting of streets, sports fields and helipad lighting
  • Custom helipad textures matching their real-life counterparts
  • Custom Blacksod lighthouse building with rotating beacon
  • Realistically modelled Irish ambulance with lights
  • Each location given a 5-letter identifier that will show on the Avitab map when heliport filters are enabled
  • Goal posts, dugouts, stands etc. placed in nearby GAA/football/rugby pitches, AstroTurf pitches etc.
  • Nearby housing estates modelled with 100's of accurately placed houses
  • 1000's of hand-placed trees
  • 1000's of placed cars in nearby car-parks
  • Custom placed X-plane facades for each hospital


  • Bishopstown GAA pitch, Cork
  • Blacksod Lighthouse, Co. Mayo
  • Drogheda GAA pitch for Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Co. Louth
  • Letterkenny Universitu Hospital, Co. Donegal
  • Mayo University Hospital Castlebar, Co. Mayo
  • Sligo University Hospital, Co. Sligo
  • Tallaght Hospital, Dublin
  • University Hospital Galway, Galway City
  • University Hospital Kerry, Tralee Co. Kerry
  • University Hospital Limerick, Co. Limerick
  • Waterford Rugby Pitch, Waterford City
  • Wexford RFC, Co. Wexford

Please Note: This scenery does not include the ortho imagery shownin the screen shots. We recommend using source BI for Ireland at level16 minimum.

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