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Boundless Simulations Birmingham Available Soon


We are proud to announce that our most ambitious project to date -Birmingham (EGBB) will soon be available for XP11. We have taken ourtime with this, spending months meticulously placing thousands ofobjects in their real locations, as well as creating 100s of custom,HD objects and buildings for the airport. We have gone so far as tostudy aerial imagery and replicate the real location of individualmanhole covers and patches / repair work on areas of the aprons andtaxiways. As with all of our projects, we are looking at a fullfeature list including:

  • Full PBR HD ground textures (including puddles / wear & tear)
  • Custom terrain mesh including the iconic sloped runway
  • Full PBR HD custom buildings
  • Custom road signs and lighting
  • Fully accurate night lighting
  • Includes NEC, resorts world arena, nearby offices and warehouses
  • Fully accurate ground markings, including accurately modelled cracks / wear & tear
  • Static aircraft (optional)
  • PBR water textures
  • Partially modelled building interiors
  • Custom ground equipment
  • Animated monorail
  • All nearby hotels modelled



The scenery is still a work in progress, so the final product maylook different in places!

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Boundless Simulations Previews Birmingham EGBB For XP11

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