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Boundless Releases Land's End for XP12


Scenery designer Boundless announces their first X-Plane 12 release, Land's End Airport (EGHC) in the UK. It has new features to make best use of the new sim, but an optimised XP11 version is also included.


  • Real airport layout
  • Up to date, HD ortho imagery
  • 4K photorealistic textures
  • PBR ground and building textures
  • Dynamic night lighting based on real world color tones
  • 3D hedges, trees and vegetation
  • 3D grass
  • Nearby houses and farms modelled
  • Rain and seasonal effects on ground (XP12 Only)
  • Static aircraft
  • Terminal interior fully modelled (FPS friendly)
  • Parallax interiors on houses
  • Custom HD PBR vehicles (airside and landside)
  • Fully accurate ground markings - including accurately modelled cracks / wear & tear
  • Open hangars (with aircraft inside)


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