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AOA Update on T-6A XP


First day of summer is here! Yippee!!! Finally there is some sun inwestern Washington. Meanwhile, in Belgium, they have never seen such awarm and sunny June.

We are working hard on the T-6A avionics which is progressing verywell. In parallel, the 3D model of the V-22 is constantly beingimproved to match the real thing.

The canopy closing and securing process is now exactly like in thereal airplane, including the complex canopy's latch mechanism.

All instruments, control panels, and displays in both cockpits arelighted for operation during night or reduced light conditions. Twokneeboard lights have been added on the front of each cockpit'sinstrument glare shield.

We are now working on the consolidated Environmental Control PanelLUA script with all the operating logic for the air conditioning;bleed air, pressurization and oxygen systems.

Stay tuned for further news!


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