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AOA Simulations Remains Committed To X-Plane


At AOA Simulations, we are all excited and impressed by the newMSFS 2020. Definitely a new milestone in video game history.

Yes, it's true, you need to purchase plenty of expensive add-ons ifyou want to approximate that quality in X-Plane.

But X-Plane is not only a general public flight simulator, it'salso an incredible engineering tool. Since a long time, AOASimulations collaborates to research projects with various actors fromthe private and academic sectors, in domains such as aircraft anddrone development, data visualization or flight training. Withoutforgetting all the MacOS and Linux addicts all around here.

So, even if we do some experiment on other platforms, we will staycommitted to X-Plane, because we grew with that platform!

Last but not least, it's time to show you some new in-sim picturesof our future V-22 Osprey. Most textures you see are just temporaryplaceholders, but I'm already very satisfied with the result.



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