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Announcing X-CPL-Pilot For X-Plane


X-CPL-Pilot is a GA business simulator, created as aWindows-only plug-in for X-Plane 11.

X-CPL-Pilot will be released soon. A lot of bugs got beaten, a lotof stupid mistakes corrected.

Yesterday was the first day I could really enjoy myself whileflying some sightseeing and skydive missions. Before that, I just hadcode in my head, saw what needs to be fixed.

There will still be stuff to sort out, that nobody foundyet. That's the reason the Employee and Fleet-Management will beupdated after the initial release. I’m a one man show, so before I getoverwhelmed with stuff to fix, I choose the safer route.

That’s the roadmap for now.


Initial release with following features:

  • Sounds
  • Scene Editor with import and export fuction
  • Missions/Contracts from skydive, sightseeing to pax and cargo
  • Custom-Mission creator for quick flights (if the random generated are not enough for you)
  • Invoices and periodically charging of FBO-Costs
  • Persistence functionality (If you choose the realistic mode, you should always fly chartered machines back to the FBO, otherwise you have to pay a fee

After initial release (1 or 2 weeks):

  • Implementation of Employee and Fleet-Management system
  • You can buy aircraft
  • You can hire employees and assign them to the aircrafts, otherwise they will use chartered aircrafts
  • You have to take care of the motivation of your employees, mix routes up or send them to vacation


In the future:

  • Airliner Support and what else you want to see


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