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Airfoillabs C172 NG Digital For X-Plane Almost Finished


Dear customers, friends, and pilots, today we're reaching out toyou so that we can let you know, that just in a few days we will bereleasing the long-awaited study-level Aircraft for X-Plane 11(12),the C172 NG DIGITAL by Airfoillabs.

Even though this version of the aircraft is intended for X-Plane11, your license will work for X-Plane 12 as well, withoutre-purchase! We will start working on the support for X-Plane 12 assoon as the Alpha version is out, as it is our highest priority.

Failure Management System and Scenarios Saving is something we'revery excited about and proud of because we've successfully implementedthis complex system into our C172 NG DIGITAL. We're simulating 175individual components, we've implemented a whole logic where thefailure of one component influences another one. Different options onhow and when failures occur, possibilities to save failure sets, andindividual scenarios. Detailed failure description included.





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