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AG Sim - Wangen-Lachen LSPV Airfield for X-Plane 11


Wangen-Lachen Airfield is a private airfield near the Lake of Zurich. Theairport is in the Franzrüti area, municipality of Wangen. It's surrounded bythe Nuoler Ried nature reserve. Airfield is just north of the fabulous Alpsand there are air tours that you can join at the airfield. Also there is asmall restaurant and you can have an amazing lunch while you watcharriving/departing aircraft. The Swiss Air Force's Patrouille Suisseaerobatic team regularly exercises above the airfield.

The airfield is perfect for sightseeing flights. The Glarus Alps,beautiful Lake Zurich and complete nature. The seaplane hangar of theairfield is included too.


What to expect about Wangen-Lachen Airfield for XP11 by AG Sim?
  • 3D buildings created with details
  • High resolution textures
  • Vegetation around airfield
  • 4 season compatible
  • Seaplane hangar and apron
  • Animated windsock
  • Static cars and boats
  • Night lighting
  • Helipad
  • Fair price for everyone



Purchase AG Sim - Wangen-Lachen LSPV Airfield for X-Plane 11
Also available for MSFS 2020

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