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Aerosoft - Airport Menorca XP


The popular holiday island Menorca is now also available forX-Plane 11. The current aerial images come in a resolution of 50cm/pixel down to 25 cm/pixel in the airport area.

The ground markings, markings and lighting are up to date, as wellas the state of development of Menorca Airport of 2016. Highlydetailed, animated jetways are implemented using SAM. The mesh wasalso adapted in the airport area in order to remain as closes aspossible to reality. An Ortho4Xp patch is also included to match themesh.




  • Airport Menorca with all buildings and service facilities
  • High-resolution satellite images (ca. 0.5 m/px) covering the whole island
  • Autogen buildings and vegetation for the entire aerial image area
  • Numerous static vehicles like buses, baggage carts, etc.
  • Detailed animated jetway models (using SAM plug-in)
  • Detailed ground markings
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Custom Mesh (Ortho4XP patch included)
  • Compatible with default AI Traffic and World Traffic 3



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