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Aerosoft - Airport Manchester XP11 v1.02 Released


Changelog version 1.0.2

  • Removed TerraMaxx support
  • Added SAM Seasons support
  • Added SAM Colors support
  • Reworked SAM marshallers, VDGS and jetways
  • Added more static cars
  • Added custom road networks
  • Added wet surface effects
  • Fixed too bright night textures
  • Fixed night lighting performance issues
  • Fixed invisible baggage carts issue
  • Improved vegetation
  • Improved water bodies
  • Added Vulkan ready ground traffic (compatible with SAM AirportVehicles)
  • Added airport specific ground vehicle liveries (requires SAM AirportVehicles)

About Aerosoft - Airport Manchester XP11

Explore the Airport Manchester - the largest British airportoutside the London metropolitan region.

Thanks to high-resolution ground textures and HDR night lighting,this add-on for X-Plane 11 renders a realistic and modern recreationof the airport at every time of day. The textures also featurephysically correct lighting and reflection effects. Animated servicevehicles, marshallers, and jetways bring the virtual AirportManchester to life.

In addition, users of TerraMaxx can enjoy seasonal textures thatpaint the scenery white during winter. The add-on is also compatiblewith Orbx TrueEarth as well as World Traffic 3.

  • HD ground textures including PBR
  • Custom HDR night lighting
  • Custom static aircrafts
  • HD vegetation
  • Animated service vehicles
  • Animated jetways/VDGS/marshaller (SAM plugin required)
  • Seasonal textures (TerraMaxx required)
  • Full Orbx compatibility (Orbx TrueEarth required)
  • Compatible with default AI Traffic and World Traffic 3



Purchase Aerosoft - Airport Manchester XP11
Purchase the previous version Aerosoft - Airport Manchester for X-Plane 10

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