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Upload Your File Using FTP


Upload Your File Using FTP

Uou canupload your files to us using FTP. If you're familiar with FTP we just usea standard anonymous FTP. Even if you're not familiar there's an easy wayto do it that requires nothing more than a free FTP Client like Filezilla.

If you already know how to use FTP just do an anonymous connect to:


Change to the incoming directory and upload your files.

Please remember to include a description and some screen shots insideyour zip file.

Using FTP With Just Your browser is no longer possible without plugins or extensions

Recent browser changes make this method no longer possible.

Using FTP With Just Your File Explorer

There is an easy way to do an FTP upload without any special FTP softwareusing just Window's "File Explorer". Here's the short version of how to do it:

  1. Open a Windows "File Explorer" window and in the location bar enter "ftp://ftp.flightsim.com/incoming/" and hit enter
  2. Wait for the connection, though it should be almost instant; the location will change to "The Internet > ftp.flightsim.com > incomng"
  3. Open a second File Explorer and navigate to the folder where you've store the files you want to upload
  4. Select the file(s) you want to upload in your local File Explorer window and drag them to the other File Explower window where you did the FTP connection
  5. Watch the progess bar until the transfer is complete
  6. Upload complete! You'll see your files in the window

Detailed Instructions

If you need more detailed instructions along with illustrations pleasecontinue reading.

Step 1: Connect To FTP Server

Open File Explorer. In the location bar it probably says "Quick access"; select that by clicking on it and then type "ftp://ftp.flightsim.com/incoming/" into the window.


Step 2: Wait For Connection

Hit enter and after a brief pause you should be connected and seethe location change like this:


Step 3: Open A Second File Explorer

Now open a second copy of File Explorer. Use it to navigate to whateverfolder you've used to store the files you want to upload.


Step 4: Upload The Files

Select the file(s) you want to upload. Then click and drag then to the other File Explorer window, the one connected to the FTP server.


Step 5: Wait While Files Upload

The upload should now start. You'll see a window showing the uploadprogress.


Step 6: Upload Complete

Once complete you'll see your files in the File Explorer window thatis connected to the FTP server. Note that you might see other files thereas well, ones that other people have uploaded.


Thank you for uploading your files to FlightSim.Com! I hope you foundthis process as easy as possible. If you have an questions, please letus know.

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