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Microsoft FSX Service Packs


Microsoft FSX Service Packs

FSX has been available for purchase in several different ways. The originalversion came in a box on CD. Later came FSX: Acceleration with additionalfeatures and more recently FSX: Steam, a downloadable version.

The following service packs are to be used only with the original boxedversion. Do not use with FSX: Acceleration or FSX: Steam Edition.

FSX Service Pack 1

Microsoft have released Service Pack 1 for Flight Simulator X,fixing a number of issues including:

  • Activation and installation
  • Third-party add-on issues
  • Performance enhancements
  • Content issues

Please click on the language option that is applicable to you:

FSX SP1 - German

FSX SP1 - English

FSX SP1 - Spanish

FSX SP1 - French

FSX Service Pack 2

IMPORTANT: If you have already installed Flight Simulator X:Acceleration expansion pack, do not install Service Pack 2.

IMPORTANT: You must install Service Pack 1 before installingService Pack 2.

Service Pack 2 does not include the code updates required to usethe new Flight Simulator X: Acceleration aircraft. You must purchaseand install Flight Simulator X: Acceleration to use thoseaircraft. After you have installed Service Pack 2, you will be able toplay multiplayer games only with users who have installed eitherService Pack 2 or Flight Simulator X: Acceleration.

Please click on the language option that is applicable to you:

FSX SP2 - English

FSX SP2 - French

FSX SP2 - German

FSX SP2 - Italian

FSX SP2 - Japanese

FSX SP2 - Polish

FSX SP2 - Russian

FSX SP2 - Spanish

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