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Parallel 42 Releases Sharktooth Ridge MSFS


Sharktooth Ridge marks a milestone for us at //42, as it is thefirst standalone scene release. To clarify that once more, 42STSharktooth Ridge will NOT be bundled into the FF/F2 Complete pack. Weplan to continue offering future scenes below $10 (USD), but don’t letthe price lead you to expect anything less than the //42 qualityyou’re accustomed to in our products. Our low price points($4.99/$7.99) are built with one thing in mind, you…and the fact thatyou’ll want to eventually “collect them all.â€

Expect challenging strips with immaculate vibes; whether it feelsremote or cozy will depend on each scene. They are also perfect placesto play with //42 Campout as they were designed with plenty of planecamping space.

42ST Sharktooth Ridge

Located in Red Bluff, California, just a few miles from 42BC BushPlane Campout, this destination is on a plot of land identified bySTOL CLUB pilots during a group flight. Sharktooth Ridge has a smallfootprint as it is a destination when cruising from a more prominentmeetup spot like Bush Plane Campout. That also makes it an adventurousand slightly dangerous approach. Hug the cliffs on the way in, use thewind to your advantage, kick the rudder to straighten up, and try notto go over the edge into the river below!


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