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Zinertek - Enhanced Airport Graphics for MSFS 2020

Zinertek - Enhanced Airport Graphics for MSFS 2020


Enhanced Airport Graphics is a comprehensive texturepackage that instantly upgrades ALL airports around the worldin MSFS 2020 including ALL handcraftedairports that come with the Standard,Deluxe, and Premium editionsof MSFS!

Say goodbye to airport runways and surfaces that look too clean and"new". This product brings a new level of realism to all your airportsaround the world in MSFS with weathered runways andmore realistic surfaces.

Whether you are taking off from your local municipal airport orlanding at LAX in Los Angeles you will instantly see morerealistic-looking airports around the world!

This package also upgrades most freeware airports! Paywareairports will not be affected or modified.



  • Over 100+ new and detailed airport textures
  • More realistic asphalt, concrete, cement and bitumen runways
  • Enhanced runway skid marks
  • Enhanced airport aprons
  • Runway marks now look more weathered
  • More realistic taxiways
  • More realistic taxiway lines
  • More realistic taxiway markings
  • Detailed parking spaces
  • Detailed parking stains on the ground
  • Details on ground such as cracks
  • Enhances most freeware airports
  • Frame rate friendly


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this product modify or affect my payware airports?

For the most part, payware airports come with their own customairport textures and to a lesser extent some freeware airports aswell. Therefore, these airports will NOT be affected by ourproduct.

Are the new enhanced textures installed over the defaultMSFS textures or are they installed as an add-on in the CommunityFolder?

Our enhanced textures are installed as an add-on in the MSFSCommunity folder. This means that if you remove our add-on from theCommunity folder, the sim automatically reverts back to the defaultairport textures.

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